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The Science of Emotions

Dr. Heather Lench, the principal investigator and director of the lab, researches the emotional processes that are the foundation of behavior and thought. In her experimental psychology laboratory, they examine the role of affective reactions and emotions in how people think about the future and what they think will happen to them in the future. They also investigate when and why particular emotions might improve functioning and decision making. These concepts are applied to improve well-being and satisfaction in people’s romantic relationships, workplaces, and lives.

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Texas A&M University - Emotion Science Lab

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Our recent collaboration with University of California, Irvine researchers and students shows that people who identify as conservative or liberal think differently about the value of their emotions in decision making.

February 2, 2023|

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“Understanding The Function of Emotions can enhance our ability to use emotions in daily life and to recognize the value of even difficult or negative emotions”

The Function of Emotions
by Dr. Heather Lench

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The Function of Emotions: When and Why Emotions Help Us
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